Fulhum Water in Dallas TX and its Chairman, CJ Comu are both a Scam to take your money and live a lavish lifestyle. Do you homework and Google CJ Comu.

If you have invested in Fulhum, contact a lawyer asap. Since CJ has a track record of losses , scams, and personal bankruptcies, your only financial recourse will be his commercial liability insurance policy. Read this post.

If you have invested any money contact the State of Texas Attorney General's office. http://upandcomingmogul.com/they-can-kill-osama-bin-laden-but-a-federal-authorities-cant-stop-cj-comu-fulhum-water/

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Couldn't be more reputable a company and product. Only an *** would look at the contents of this beverage and call it a scam.

That's calling Mother Nature a scam. This wasn't made in a lab. It was pulled from a sterile mineral mine. The studies supporting the overwhelming health benefits of all of its pure ingredients are third party and pre-date the formation of the company....by YEARS.

Its well-known there are both competitors in this space and haters who wish they'd "thought of it first" to spread lies on the internet. Order a bottle, take it to a lab if you want or better yet, drink it. I am a consumer and it has changed my life and my kids love it. As far as lawsuits go, dig deeper, these are frivolous.

Additionally, what's wrong with living the lifestyle of success?

Haters going to hate. Go back to flipping burgers and hating anyone who chose to do more.


Agreed. CJ and everything he touches is a scam!

See for yourself, google "CJ Comu Lawsuit" and just see how much *** comes up.

Check out his bankruptcy. His house was even taken away because of fraud.

Foley, Alabama, United States #1206487

Glad someone is speaking up. He has a full career history of one lawsuit and scam after another. I would be amazed if anyone couldn't see straight through him.


A poor attempt by either a former employee - competitor or sad anonymous unknown source with a weak attempt to slow down a growing company that is reputable, reliable and respected. Curious what they are "pissed" at?? Welcome to the Internet.....

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